Belated updates to the project

In the months since our last post, the project is moving forward on several fronts. 

1)  Dataset Development:  This fall, we are working hard on building our dataset of Cistercian monasteries.  Mary Caroline (Marca) Hoyle and Vajra Regan, two students from the Medieval Institute who are working for the project this year, have almost completed the first draft of material for French monasteries.  The process for sending these materials to scholars is also being developed and refined with the help of Dr. Rozanne Elder and we’ve sent some small sets to scholars to get feedback on how clear the material so we can make it as easy as possible to make comments on the data. 

2)  Digitization:  Hathitrust, a consortium of large academic libraries, has begun digitizing a number of journals we had proposed for this project.  This is very helpful, because it means that our project can be more focused on the development of linked data and a geographic interface of Cistercian monasteries.  We have been contacting various publications and putting them in contact with the right people at Hathitrust to make these materials publicly available, and because Hathitrust is a well-funded and highly-regarded digital repository, we have every confidence that this will be a positive development for scholars working in Cistercian Studies.

3)  Funding:  Our application for NEH funding was held up within WMU, but we are currently exploring alternate ways to fund the project with the research office here.

As always, please contact Sue Steuer or Rozanne Elder with questions about the project.


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