On the Road and on the Blog

This week, Professors Sheila Bair and Susan Steuer are embarking upon a Cistercian Gazetteer Road Trip.  They will be consulting with representatives who are a part of a variety of projects in the area of digital humanities.  The hope is that some of the projects will have helpful ideas or might be potential partners for our efforts to create a map interface which will connect to materials through the semantic web.

During the last year, we have been busily working on various aspects of both the Januaschek Portal and the Interactive Cistercian Gazetteer.  We have submitted some grant applications, continued to refine data and worked on uploading materials for groups to work on.   Professor Bair has been developing and refining an ontology for the Cistercian Order and she and Steuer have secured a small grant from Western Michigan University to hire a student to help enter the data and check it for completeness and accuracy.   More grant applications will be forthcoming as the team works to address the concerns of the reviewers of earlier proposals.

Bumps in the road are a part of the process of writing grants and developing new kinds of projects, but we are still eager for the trip!


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