2017 Conference Planning

As outlined in the previous post, the Conference on Cistercian and Monastic Studies will be adapting its planning process this year.  The goal of these changes is to work more efficiently within the existing process of the International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS), while retaining the stature of the Conference (CCMS) as a distinct international academic gathering.  The link below leads to a brief document which outlines the process as it is currently envisioned.  This does not mean that we will not need to adapt to developments as we work with these changes, but it provides us with a place to start.

The most significant change is that we are asking our regular attenders to come up with some topics and brief rationales for sessions they would like to develop and serve as organizers.  These sessions will be discussed by the CCMS advisory board submitted for inclusion in 2017 ICMS.  Some sessions outside of ICMS are also anticipated.

Planning process: 2017 Conference on Cistercian and Monastic Studies

Please do contact the office if you have any questions at mdvl_ccms@wmich.edu.  Our phone is only covered intermittently at this time, so email is the best way to reach someone.


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