2017 Conference Planning update; sessions submitted to International Congress on Medieval Studies

963951_10200693545834750_1031358324_oThe response to our call for session proposals was wonderful!  We received 12 proposals, which is the maximum number we can submit and the CCMS Advisory Board was very pleased with the thoughtfulness and quality of the proposals.  The application was submitted to ICMS yesterday.  Now we will await the decision of their committee.  Thanks to everyone for their work!

Listed below are the titles we submitted.  More information will be forthcoming once we hear from ICMS, which will be several weeks from now.  In the meantime, please consider whether you would like to submit a paper to one of these sessions, or volunteer to help organize or chair.  We want to encourage everyone to be involved.

Cistercian Liturgy and History

Cistercian Manuscripts Lost and Found

The Influence of Cistercian Writing on Vernacular Authors

Cistercian Saints’ Lives and Exempla: Historical Sources?

The Intersection of Material and Spiritual Culture in Medieval Monasticism

Cistercian Abbeys of Brittany

Memory and Memory Aids in 12th Century Cistercian Writing

Monks and the World:  The Political and Economic Activities of Medieval Cistercian Monasteries

Pseudo-Bernard: The Writers, Works, and Readers

The Cistercian and Monastic Inspiration for the Reformation, On Occasion of the 500th Anniversary of Luther’s Theses

Issues in Cistercian and Monastic Studies

Teaching Monasticism in the Academy and the Abbey

Please do contact me with any questions or comments at the Center’s email address, mdvl_ccms@wmich.edu.

Sue Steuer, Interim Director





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