On the Road

For the past five days, I have been traveling through Austria (via Windsor, Toronto and Barcelona) to develop a study-abroad course for upper level undergraduates and M.A. students, which will support our Certificate in Monastic Studies.

Thus far, I have been to Heiligenkreuz and Zwettl, two active monasteries in Austria which were founded in the twelfth century.  I hope to bring students to Heiligenkreuz for several days, since it is not only a wonderful place to experience the liturgy, but also teaches theology.  Zwettl has a fantastic library, as well as a beautiful church and location.  I’ve also been walking around Vienna to visit other monastic churches.

During the next couple of weeks, I’ll combine course development visits, work on our Monastic Gazetteer and Janauschek portal and a little vacation.  I’ll be here near Vienna for a day or two more, then in the area of Passau for a week, take a break to visit family in the Westerwald, then travel north near Hildesheim.  I hope to learn a lot!

Neil Chase is still available to answer any questions about the Cistercian Studies Library materials.  You can contact me by email at ccms_mdvl@wmich.edu.

Sue Steuer, Interim Director




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