ICMS Call for Papers is Published

The ICMS Call for Papers has just been published.  You can see it here:  Sneak Preview

We were awarded six sessions:

Cistercian Liturgy and History

The Intersection of Material and Spiritual Culture in Medieval Monasticism

Cistercian Abbeys of Brittany [co-sponsored with the Ancient Abbeys of Brittany Project]

Memory and Memory Aids in Twelfth-Century Cistercian Writing

Pseudo-Bernard: The Writers, Works,and Readers

The Cistercian and Monastic Inspiration for the Reformation: On the Occasion of the Five-Hundredth Anniversary of Luther’s Theses

This list is a combination of sessions requested by the Congress administration and sessions which the Board chose for various reasons. .

We will be planning to have additional “extra-Congressional” sessions again this year. Please do prepare paper abstracts and send them in by September 1.  I look forward to your submissions!

Further details will be forthcoming when I return from this trip.  Right now, I am in Passau, still working on CCMS projects.  Tschuss!

Sue Steuer


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