Conference on Cistercian and Monastic Studies schedule

At long last, we have the full conference schedule available.  We will have print copies at the conference, but here is a pdf you can download and print.

2018 CCMS Schedule 

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Update Cistercian Conference Schedule and useful links

We’re getting ready for the 2018 Conference on Cistercian and Monastic Studies.  Here are a few useful links.

All attendees should register for the International Congress on Medieval Studies at:  Medieval Congress Registration Instructions 

A link to the full Congress Schedule is available at:
53rd Annual Congress on Medieval Studies

The Conference hosts an optional buffet dinner. You must reserve your spot by May 1, 2018 using this form:  Cistercian Studies Dinner Reservations

Planning for the 2019 Conference will begin during the event.  Panel and paper proposals must be submitted by May 25, 2018 (panel submission deadline) or September 1, 2018 (paper submission deadline) using the online form:  2019 Panel and Paper Submission Form

A printable PDF of the schedule with full information and a map will be posted on this site in a few weeks.


Cistercian and Monastic Studies

2018 Conference

Western Michigan University

Schedule of Panels

May 10-13, 2018

Thursday, May 10: Lee Honors College Lounge

10:00 am

Monastic Writers
Presider:  Diane Riggs

William of Saint-Thierry versus Peter Abélard
Aage Rydstrøm-Poulsen, University of Greenland

The Mystical Body in the Great Chain of Being:  Isaac of Stella’s Trinitarian and Eucharistic Theology
Nathaniel Peters, Boston College

Bede’s Theology of Monastic Life
John Bequette, University of Saint Francis

1:30 pm

Bernard of Clairvaux
Presider:  Hugh Feiss

The Medieval Christus Medicus in St Bernard of Clairvaux
Alice Chapman, Grand Valley State University

Medieval Tweets: Bernard of Clairvaux’s Shunning of the ars dictaminis
Michael C. Voigts, Asbury Theological Seminary

The Great Omission: The Pater Noster as Talisman in Bernard’s Preaching
Philip F. O’Mara, Bridgewater College

Last of the Fathers, but also Godfather of the Scholastics?
Joseph Van House, Catholic University of America

3:30 pm

Cistercian Spirituality
Presider:  Stefano Mula

Spiritual desire and longing for heaven in the Book of Special Grace
Ann Marie Caron, University of Saint Joseph

“He is the image of the invisible God” (Col 1:15) The Cistercian spirituality, focused on Christ as a source and background of images
Dariusz Tabor, Instytut Historii Sztuki I Kultury

The Christological View in Geoffrey of Auxerre’s Commentary on the Apocalypse
Paul Lockey, University of St. Thomas- Houston

Friday, May 11: Lee Honors College Lounge

10:00 am

Roles of Aelred of Rievaulx
Presider:  Ilinca Tanaseanu-Döbler

Aelred’s sermons 66 & 67-feast of the Pentecost, a reading
Kathryn Krug, Independent Scholar

Imitation, Contemplation, and Ascension in Aelred of Riveaux’s “On Jesus as a Boy of Twelve”
Timothy Baker, Dartmouth College

Aelred of Rievaulx’s Stance on the Crusades
Ryszard Gron, Archdiocese of Chicago

Remembering a Place for Queen Edith in Aelred’s Vita Sancti Edwardi
Jason Crow, Louisiana State University

1:30 pm

Hospitality, Economy and Reform in Medieval Monasticism
Presider:  Marvin Döbler

The Hospitium in Tenth Century Frankish and English Monastic Sources
Elena Shadrina, University of Toronto

Wine for the Ages: The Abbey of Pontigny and the Birth of the French Wine Industry
Jean Truax, Independent Scholar

Pope Clement VI as reformer of the Cistercian Order
Ralf Lützelschwab, Freie Universität Berlin

3:30 pm

Theologies of Medieval Monastic Life
Presider: Greg Peters, Biola University

Creating a Monastic Identity: Socialization through Rules of Pachomius and Benedict
Tola Rodrick, Indiana University- Bloomington

The Following of Christ (Sequela Christi) in Cistercian Theology of Twelfth Century
Piotr Ignacy Rogusz O. Cist., Cistercian Fathers Polish Mission Church

In Search of Excellence: Universities and Bavarian-Franconian Cistercians up to the Middle of the 16th Century
Klaus Wollenberg, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München

Saturday, May 12: 1040 Fetzer

10:00 am

Memory and Imagination in the Narrative Works of Aelred of Rievaulx
Presider:  Jean Traux, Independent Scholar

Ways of Remembering: Establishing and Preserving Community Memory in Aelred’s Narrative Works
Marsha L. Dutton, Ohio University

Memorable Fiction in Aelred’s Relatio de standard
Marjory Lange, Western Oregon University

Aelred’s Life of Edward and Sanctifying the Present
Stephen Russell, Hofstra University

1:30 pm

The Early Transmission of St. Gertrude the Great’s The Herald of God’s Loving-Kindness
Presider: Sr. Ana Laura Forastieri OCSO, Monasterio Madre de Cristo

The Leipzig Codex Ms 827, the Earliest Transmission of the Latin Legatus divinae pietatis
Almuth Märker, Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig

The Earliest Transmitted German Legatus: Gotha, Forschungsbibliothek, Chart. B 269
Racha Kirakosian, Harvard University

Helfta Abbey’s Contacts in Review: Evidence for a Monastic Literary Network?
Cornelia Oefelein, Independent Scholar

3:30 pm

New Questions about St. Gertrude the Great’s Herald of God’s Loving-Kindness Raised by the Discovery of Leipzig Ms. 827
Presider: Dr. Marsha L. Dutton, Ohio University

Scenes of Writing, Figurations of Authorship: A Literature Historian’s Reflections on the Veracity of the Passages Recounting the Textual Genesis of the Special Edition of Gertrude of Helfta’s Legatus divinae pietatis
Balázs Nemes, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

The Priority of the Leipzig Version of the Legatus divinae pietatis
Alexandra Barratt, University of Waikato

The Process of Composition of Legatus divinae pietatis: An Overview
Ana Laura Forastieri OCSO, Monasterio Madre de Cristo
German-English translator: Cornelia Oefelein, Independent Scholar

Sunday, May 13: 1040 Fetzer

8:30 am

Cistercian Exempla: Their Use, Rewritings, and Parallels
Presider: Martha Krieg

The Scriptorium of Clairvaux and the Rewriting of Herbert’s Liber visionum et miraculorum Clarevallensium
Stefano Mula, Middlebury College

Exempla and Hagiography
Lawrence Morey, Abbey of Gethsemani

Heed the Dead or Hew the Dead: Revenants in the Cistercian Exempla and Icelandic Sagas
Tyler Sergent, Berea College

10:30 am

Comparative Monasticism: Method, Theory, and Concepts
Presider: E. Rozanne Elder, Western Michigan University

Leaving the World Behind: Pagan and Christian Narrative Models of Asceticism in Late Antiquity
Ilinca Tanaseanu-Döbler, Institut für Religionswissenschaft, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Staging Holy Men: Bernard of Clairvaux as Hagiographer
Marvin Döbler, Ex. –luth. Landeskirche Hannovers

Bernard of Clairvaux in Monastic Theatricals of the Eighteenth Century
Alcuin Schachenmayr, Pontifical Athenaeum Benedict XVI. Heiligenkreuz



Summer 2018 Updates

Just a few updates:

The Center has had six sessions approved for the International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS).  They are listed in the Call for Papers for the Congress, available at  This document is always available electronically.

The Center will also be sponsoring additional panels which are not a part of ICMS and we invite paper proposals for one session each on Digital Projects on Monasticism and Monastic Archives.  We also appreciate paper proposals.  All of these materials can be sent to

Finally, we have just completed a project to make the schedules for previous Cistercian conferences available online.  They can be seen at


Planning for 2018 Center for Cistercian and Monastic Studies Conference

Last week’s conference included a fine slate of papers as well as good company and wonderful weather.  We can’t thank our panel organizers, paper presenters and session presiders enough for their work!

Now it’s time to plan for 2018 CCMS!  As you may remember, some of the CCMS panels are also ICMS panels, so our submission schedule closely adheres to the schedule for the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University.


Panel proposals

May 26, 2017 (Friday) by noon – Panel Recommendations to so the Conference Steering committee (Marvin Döbler, Hugh Feiss, Anne Lester, Stefano Mula) can prepare submissions.

Recommendations should include:  Title, name and contact information for the person organizing the panel, one-page (250-400 words) intellectual justification for the session (significance, why now?, potential participants can also be included).  Only the organizer must be committed to the session at this time.

Paper Proposals

September 15 –Deadline for paper submissions to panel organizers from ICMS call for papers or for CCMS sessions from blog, deadline for paper abstracts to CCMS portion of the conference to for consideration by the steering committee.

Our process

The submissions for CCMS are approved by the CCMS conference steering committee, so the deadlines are slightly different than those for the International Congress on Medieval Studies.  Additionally, CCMS welcomes proposals on any facet of monasticism in any historical period, not only the middle ages.

As always, questions can be sent to our email address,  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please fill out this form.